Teledyne Impulse-PDM has more than 30 years' experience in underwater connectors and cables for subsea and harsh environments.  During this time, the company has worked with many different customers engineering connectors, harnesses and penetrators to meet specific needs.

The engineering team has developed solutions for commercial and military applications using core skills in mechanical design, electrical and optical engineering and the selection and use of materials for underwater applications, such as:


Project Management

The company provides total solutions to customers' connector, cable assembly and connectivity projects. Teledyne Impulse PDM engineers will design, manufacture and test to prototype to ensure the final product supplied meets each project's specifications. Current and past projects include:


Fibre Optics

Teledyne Impulse PDM produces a range of Omega electro optic and Omicron fibre optic underwater connectors which have been developed in-house by the Design and Application Department.

Cathodic Delamination

The engineering team recently completed a Knowledge Transfer Programme with Portsmouth University to investigate the subsea industry problem of cathodic delamination. The testing of the most reliable primers for the metal elastomer bond is leading to continual improvements in production methods.

PDM Neptec submarine communication cable assemblies