Manufacture and Testing


Manufacturing Services

Teledyne Impulse-PDM's in-house machine shop allows quick turnaround with:

  • Conventional turning and milling capacity
  • CNC milling machine with 3D machining capabilities, fully interfaced with the 3D modelling package

The engineering team designs all tooling and fixtures used in a project.  Moulds can range from those producing large complex assemblies to intricate sensor modules.


Testing Services

Teledyne Impulse-PDM offers a wide range of testing services, including:

  • Electrical
  • Tensile
  • Pressure
  • Mechanical
  • Temperature cycling and annealing (in a specially designed 3.8 metre long oven)

All testing procedures carried out in-house are fully documented.  There is also a clean electrostatic area in a stand-alone secure unit, which is ideal for electronic assembly and moulding.  More extensive testing and qualification is available from ongoing relationships with universities and research establishments.

PDM Neptec manufacture and test process