Encapsulation and Moulding

With a highly experienced team of 8 moulding specialists (with more than 50 years’ experience between them), Teledyne Impulse-PDM is able to offer a full range of encapsulation and moulding services for applications in the marine, oil and gas, subsea, defence, communications and automotive industries. 

Encapsulation and moulding can be performed in a range of polyurethanes, polyethylenes and epoxies, dependent on the application and environment.

Repeatable product quality is achieved with the use of precision metered dispensing machines and in house design and manufacture of bespoke tooling. There are also a considerable number of mould tools available that permit fast response times utilising dedicated production areas that include ESD controlled stations.

Services include:

  • specialist techniques to encapsulate printed circuit boards, and fragile components such as fibre optics and fine wiring assemblies for mechanical protection and to prevent moisture ingress
  • encapsulation and moulding using polyurethanes, polyethylenes and epoxies
  • encapsulation under vacuum or pressure, open cast or moulded, in custom designed tooling
  • potting and moulding using transparent or coloured materials
  • encapsulation using materials formulated to suit specific requirements
  • ruggedizing and waterproofing cables
  • design and manufacture of complex, intricate moulds ranging from 10mm to 2m in length
  • machining encapsulated assemblies to facilitate further mechanical assembly operations
  • encapsulation of PCB assemblies and sensitive devices

Recent applications include radar encapsulation on AUVs; load cells and strain sensors on road and rail bridges, as well as anti-rattle devices on submarines.

Encapsulated assemblies can be machined to facilitate further mechanical assembly operations.

Please contact the TI-PDM sales team to discuss your requirements and needs.

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