Quickcure Moulding System (QMS)

Quick, easy, cost effective cable splicing and moulding offsite

In 1997, we developed a CE marked and RoHS compliant field moulding system incorporating a Quickcure Mould Heater, which enables the manufacture of high quality mouldings away from conventional process facilities, using a temperature controlled mould heater and polyurethane elastomer packs. 

The QMS includes:



Quickcure Mould Heater (QMH)

The QMH:

  • is available in 110V AC and 220V AC versions
  • is temperature controlled and dramatically reduces moulding time when compared to moulding at ambient temperatures
  • offers better surface finishes
  • has been optimised to work with our primers and materials
  • design enables it to accept various mould tools and produce cable joints of different sizes (click here to download our 4-slot mould selection guide)
  • is available in two versions 4-slot or 1-slot:


Industry Mouldings

Our Quickcure Moulding System produces fast turn-around effective mouldings, and has successfully proved itself within the following industries:

  • seismic and geophysical oil and gas exploration
  • oceanographic instrumentation production
  • seismic surveying for civil construction projects
  • marine research
  • production of fish farming products



We supply primers and pre-mix polyurethane elastomer packs to ensure optimum performance.  Please see the Elastomers webpage for more information.

Consumables for use with the QMS:

  • packs of polyurethane elastomers
  • our mould release agent, MR-512, is a silicon-based product and is used with the mould tools to ease removal of the cured moulding
  • primers to ensure a great bond to the polyurethane elastomer

Please contact the PDM Sales Team to discuss your requirements and needs.