Polyurethane Elastomers and Primers

We stock a comprehensive range of polyurethane elastomers (moulding compounds), primers and release agents.


We supply a range of different shore hardness elastomers in convenient twin packs which do not require primers. Simply mix the two elements of the twin packs together (please click here for our video explaining the mixing process or click here for instructions in pdf format). 

Features of our elastomer range include:

  • a range of elastomers with different cure times for use in different applications, thus eliminating the need for process equipment as the material is pre-evacuated and supplied in the required ratio
  • elastomers supplied in twin packs which do not require a primer
  • can be used with our Compact Quickcure Moulding System
  • available in the following twin pack sizes:

EMC 69T                - 75g, 150g and 300g
EMC 69T-20/30    - 150g (special order only)
EMC 85/10T          -  75g
EMC 85T                - 150g, 300g and 550g

Applications include:

  • Cable repairs and splices
  • Conveyor belt repairs
  • Tyre repairs

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange delivery of your free sample.


Our range of primers ensure full material bonding between the connector or cable jacket, and our polyurethane elastomer.  Supplied in 15ml bottles, our primers are available for:

  • PR41 Polyurethane
  • PR70 Neoprene or PVC
  • PR91 Metals

Mould Release

  • MR-512 Mould Release Agent

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and assist you in material and process selection.

For your information we have included a demonstration video (below), showing the mixing process.

PDM Neptec Elastomers and Primers