Underwater Pluggable


Underwater mateable

When electronic or sensor subsystems need to be replaced at sea, much of the cost relates to the time the system is off-line.  Underwater pluggable connectors minimise this cost, enabling off-line times to be reduced to minutes. 

The Teledyne Impulse underwater pluggable connector range is designed to produce effective water expulsion, and the robust construction and connection features compensate for the difficulty of working underwater.  Each connector is pressure balanced and moulded to allow mating and unmating at different depths, for various diver-based applications. 

These novel connectors are now an accepted industry standard and have been widely used in underwater work.  Applications include instrumentation, telemetry and military projects where the utmost reliability is required.

  • circular or low profile bulkheads connectors available with 1 to 8 contacts
  • pressure balanced design allows underwater mating of connectors (power off)
  • Neoprene moulded bulkhead connectors have brass or stainless steel bodies
  • Neoprene moulded in-line connectors
  • up to 7000m depth in mated condition
  • bulkhead connector design open face pressure rated to 3500m

The underwater pluggable connectors are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are fully proven in the test house and at sea.

For advice on connector selection, please contact the TI-PDM sales team we will be happy to help you.