For maximum reliability, the number of connections in a system should be reduced to a minimum, particularly when in a harsh underwater environment.  The Teledyne Impulse range of penetrators offers the system designer the maximum operational reliability due to the fully water blocked components completely removing connector characteristics from the mechnical interface. 

Penetrators have found extensive use in critical applications such as submarines and submersibles.  The range includes fibre optic penetrators, as well as an attractive selection of miniature penetrators for compact instrumentation.

  • allows cable assemblies to penetrate a bulkhead housing without use of connector
  • stainless steel or hard anodised aluminium body
  • metal body is water blocked with glass reinforced epoxy insert
  • straight or right angled neoprene or polyurethane overmould
  • other end of assembly can be terminated to connector if required
  • all units are water blocked to 10,000 PSI
  • cable type and length can be supplied to customer requirement

All connectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and are designed to perform reliably in harsh conditions.


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Teledyne Impulse penetrator range