Metal Shell PBOF Connector

(pressure balanced oil filled)


Dry mateable

These connectors are suitable for heavy duty applications in hazardous, rugged environments, and are commonly used for power transmission and signal telemetry on ROVs and large transducers.

  • available in 4 shell sizes with 2 to 40 contacts
  • special straight or right angled cable connector bodies allow the use of oil filled tubes
  • valve moulded into glass epoxy insert in cable connector plug
  • up to 5000m depth in mated condition
  • bulkhead connector design open face rated to 3500m
  • oil filled tubes keep pressure equal along the length of the tube
  • these connectors can be re-wired when necessary

All connectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and are designed to give reliable long term performance.

For advice on connector selection, please contact the TI-PDM sales team  we will be happy to help you.