High Voltage Connectors


Dry mateable

Special connector configurations can be produced for applications not covered by the Teledyne Impulse standard underwater connector range.  Our Design and Development Team developed a high voltage connector for a customer's subsea vehicle motor. 

In this particular case, the high voltage connector featured:

  • voltage rating 3500V
  • current capacity 45A with 60A startup
  • pressure rating 3500m
  • bulkhead connector open face pressure rating 3500m
  • stainless steel construction
  • low profile bulkhead connector design to reduce height

We can manufacture equipment to exact specifications, or offer expert applications advice with reference to all parameters.  This enables customers to select the most suitable and cost effective type of connector for their particular requirement and system.

All our connectors are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

For advice on connector selection, please contact the PDM sales team we will be happy to help.