Miniature High Density Connectors


Dry mateable

The range of miniature high density (MHD) connectors from Teledyne Impulse offers exceptionally high contact densities (up to 22 contacts per cm2) making them compact and ideal for instrumentation and communications systems.  Good electrical properties are maintained with careful wiring, and a metal reinforcing ring on the front of the GRP insert greatly increases the connector's resistance to handling and in-service damage.  These connectors are very popular with our customers, and have been used in many projects including those for Chelsea Instruments (Towed Body) and TSS (Pipe Tracker).

  • available in 5 shell sizes with 2 to 78 contacts
  • stainless steel body with naval bronze engaging nut
  • special alloys and finishes available
  • bulkhead connector available threaded or flanged
  • removable glass epoxy insert in bulkhead connectors (except MHDG)
  • straight and right-angled overmoulds available for cable connector plugs
  • up to 7000m depth in mated condition
  • bulkhead connectors design open face rated to 3500m

All connectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and designed to give reliable long term performance.

For advice on connector selection, please contact the TI-PDM sales team we will be happy to help you.