IE55 Subminiature Connectors


Wet mateable (W) and Dry mateable

The Teledyne Impulse range of subminiature connectors offers unique application opportunities for system designers.  These connectors are well proven in a variety of applications and have been widely used by a number of leading organisations such as IOS, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food and The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, in addition to the offshore and defence industries.

  • available as 4 to 6 contact standard - dry pluggable
  • available as 2 to 3 contact - wet pluggable
  • Titanium body and tiodized engaging nut with neoprene moulded connector face
  • bulkhead diameter is only 0.50" (12.7mm)
  • cable connector plug can be supplied moulded to cable or unterminated
  • up to 7000m in mated condition
  • bulkhead connector design open face rated to 3500m

All connectors are built to ISO 9001 standards, and are designed to give reliable long term performance.

For advice on connector selection. please contact the TI-PDM sales team we will be happy to help you.