MKS - Metal Key Titan™ Connectors


Wet mateable and Dry mateable*

The Titan™ range of connectors was developed for long term survival in demanding operating environments, and has been approved by the US Navy.  These connectors are ideally suited to equipment involved in seabed operations such as trenching and cable laying which creates large volumes of sediment moving at considerable speeds.  The sediment can have degrading effects on subsea components such as connectors and harness assemblies.  Seismic operations can also subject equipment to extremely hazardous conditions.  The metal shell Titan connectors have been successfully used on several such demanding projects, as well as the miniature versions on small harness assemblies in the Divex Stealth™ advanced diving system.

  • available in 7 shell sizes with 4 to 37 contact
  • stainless steel body with metal key for positive alignment
  • naval bronze engaging nut designed for rugged applications and quick connection
  • special alloys and finishes available
  • bulkhead connectors available threaded or flanged
  • straight and right angled overmoulds available for cable connector plugs
  • up to 7000m depth in mated condition
  • bulkhead connectors have a waterblock puck and are open face rated to 3500m
  • MKA - available as special order with aluminium body

*MKS-310, MKS-205 and MKS-207 are the only dry mateable units in the series

All connectors are manufactured and tested to ISO 9001 standards and designed to give reliable long term performance.

For advice on connector selection, please contact the TI-PDM sales team we will be happy to help you.