We are the UK and European Distributor for the full range of Teledyne Impulse underwater electrical connectors.  In addition, we offer custom engineered, non-standard harsh environment application solutions, from minor modifications of standard parts, to the design and manufacture of completely new connection systems.  Our team of dedicated application engineers use extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure orders are completed quickly and efficiently.

Teledyne Impulse Underwater Connectors

Teledyne Impulse designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of high reliability electrical and optical interconnection systems for harsh environment applications including:

  • subsea instrumentation, sensors and control systems
  • autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicles
  • downhole instrumentation and logging systems
  • robotic crawlers and pipeline inspection systems
  • military communication systems
  • spacecraft and launch vehicles
  • medical instruments

All Teledyne Impulse connectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.  Available in a wide variety of configurations and materials, the company's products are proven performers in the most demanding applications.      Features of the standard product range include:

  • all bulkhead connectors have an open face pressure rating of at least 5000 PSI, with mated pressure ratings from 7500 to 20000 PSI
  • all contact surfaces are gold plated

There are three main styles of Teledyne Impulse standard connection solutions:

  1. dry mateable - designed to be mated in a dry environment, fully pressure rated once mated.  Connectors range in size from extremely small underwater sensor connectors to large and rugged shell products.  The rubber-moulded and glass-reinforced epoxy parts are low-cost, as is the new range of Omicron fibre optic connectors, making them a convenient yet reliable solution.  Miniature, high-density metal shell connectors allow many contacts to be housed in a small area.  Most of these products are designed for use with moulded cable assemblies, however there are also several oil-filled or pressure-balanced oil-filled options available.  Click here for an Installation and Maintenance Guide.

  2. wet mateable - designed with a seal on each individual contact so that it can be mated wet without causing shorting.  Moulded in neoprene or polyurethane, depending on the application environment of cable used, these connectors are available in a circular or low-profile, right-angled design, and/or housed in rugged metal sheels that enable the parts to be blind-mated.  Click here for an Installation and Maintenance Guide.

  3. underwater mateable - pressure balanced moulded connector which allows mating and unmating at different depths, for various diver-based operations.  Click here for an Installation and Maintenance Guide.

For specific product information including care instructions and drawings, please click on the Specific Connector Information in the right hand tool bar.  This will take you to the Teledyne Impulse website.

However, if you have any enquiries, quotation requests or order requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team.