Bend Control Products

Bend control is an essential consideration for any application where a cable is terminated to a rigid component. This interface is where the cable can be subjected to excessive mechanical loading that can result in cable damage, and ultimately lead to cable failure.

We are the market leader in bend control products for the submarine cable industry, and can offer the following:

  • Polyurethane bend control products, ensuring a smooth cable curvature to avoid cable fracture with cyclic bending
  • Considerable expertise in solving bend control issues with 5 engineers in the Design and Application department
  • Manufacturing experience covering a range of bend control products for a variety of cable designs and applications
  • Materials and process reliability proven under the most arduous test conditions
  • Wide range of tooling available
  • Experience with EPDM (synthetic rubber) injection moulded rubber bend control products
  • Buffers

Please contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements and needs.

PDM Neptec Bend Control Products for Underwater Cables