Harness Design Considerations

When designing an underwater cable harness, there are some factors which need to be considered, and we have produced the following list as a guide for customer information:

Component considerations:

  • electrical requirements
  • mechanical considerations
  • quality requirements
  • reliability
  • design redundancy (contact count)
  • connector selection (type and form)
  • locking requirements
  • backpotting requirements
  • waterblocking in mouldings
  • cable specification
  • cable jacket material and compatibility with elastomers
  • abrasion resistance
  • stiffness profile at termination
  • connector format (straight or right angle)
  • moulding format (straight or at an angle)
  • clearance allowance for moulding and cable routing
  • elastomer compatibility (eg oil filled units)
  • metalwork selection re: corrosion and cathodic delamination
  • surface finish for metalwork as appropriate

Operational considerations:

  • operating depth profile (not just max. depth)
  • tensile loads
  • torsional loads
  • bending loads
  • bend control requirements (to limit bending at termination)
  • deployment and recovery loads
  • dynamic loading
  • flow turbulence effects.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, then please contact our Technical Sales Co-ordinator who will be happy to help you.   In addition, product brochures and data sheets are available to download from the Technical and Product pages throughout this website.

PDM Neptec underwater cable harnesses