Electro Optic Underwater Cable Assembly

We have extensive experience in fibre optic connector termination and moulding, and our Omega and Omicron fibre optic underwater connectors can either be terminated to customer specification, or supplied for client termination.  Both the Omega range and Omicron Fibre Optic subsea connectors offer the very best design features, combining performance and reliability with low optical loss.

Our dry mateable connectors have seen extensive use in defence projects including the UK SSTD system and towed arrays.  Other areas of application include communications and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

Also, our engineering team design and manufacture bespoke connectors and cable assemblies to meet specific requirements.

Fibre Optic Penetrators

The through bulkhead penetrator is a reliable low loss method of linking fibre optic assemblies. Due to its inherent simplicity, it is one of the most cost effective interconnection products. Our fibre optic underwater penetrators offer the advantage of full waterblocking (if the in-water section of the cable is damaged, water will not penetrate the connected equipment). We can also supply hybrid penetrators with fibre optic and electrical cores in one unit. These products are configurable to specific requirements.

Product Data:

  • configurations - bulkhead/panel, flange mounted or threaded
  • contacts - to client specification, including hybrid
  • optical mode - single mode, multi mode, or combination
  • threads - to client specification
  • shell - Anodised Al, 316 SS, or Titanium
  • format - fully waterblocked
  • pressure - rated up to 10,000psi

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and needs.

PDM Neptec Omega electro optic cable