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Our European partners are based in The Netherlands, Norway, and France.  We also have strong ties with the USA - we are owned by Teledyne Impulse and are the exclusive distributor for its products in the UK, and through our partners, in Europe.

USA: Teledyne Impulse Inc

Teledyne Impulse designs and manufactures underwater electrical connectors and cable assemblies for a wide range of  industries and harsh environments. Since 1978 Teledyne Impulse's dry-mate, wet pluggable, and underwater mateable connectors have been proven performers in the oceanographic, military, and oil and gas industries.

We are the exclusive distributor for standard Teledyne Impulse electrical connectors in the UK and Europe.

Teledyne Impulse, 9855 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131 USA

Tel: +1-858-842-3100PDM Neptec's relationship with USA

Fax: +1-858-565-1649

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The Netherlands: IHC Hytech

IHC Hytech is based in the centre of The Netherlands and acts as our Dutch distributor. IHC Hytech is also involved in the design, manufacturing and wholesale of military and professional diving equipment, hyperbaric medical equipment, life support equipment, and equipment for caisson and tunnel building projects. IHC Merwede recently acquired Hytech to strengthen its position in the offshore market.PDM Neptec's Dutch agent Hytech

IHC Hytech, Elftweg 3, 4941 VR Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 162 - 52 22 02

Fax: +31 (0) 162 - 51 90 69

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Norway: Aquadyne AS

Aquadyne AS, based in Oslo, is our distributor in Norway.  Aquadyne is also involved in pipe and cable trackers; underwater positioning and acoustic navigation systems; parametric echo sounders; mulitbeam echo sounders; transponders, and GPS/INS systems.

Aquadyne AS, Solbråveien 41, 1383 Asker, Norway

Tel. +47 66 98 71 50PDM Neptec agent Aquadyne AS

Fax +47 66 98 71 60

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France: Subsea Tech Sarl

Subsea Tech Sarl is an engineering company based in Marseilles and is our French distributor. Subsea Tech specialises in the design, fabrication and sale / rental of intervention and instrumentation systems for underwater and marine applications, for oil and gas, naval, and defence industries, as well as for underwater civil works and scientific laboratories.

Subsea Tech Sarl, 167 Plage de l'Estaque, 13016 Marseille, France

Tel : +33 (0)4 91 51 76 71PDM French agent Subsea Tech

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JAPAN: Impulse Corporation

Impulse Corporation is an agency based in Kashiwa City. They distribute a wide range of underwater equipment including connectors, cables, buoyancy foams to Japan and Asian countries including South Korea.

Impulse Corporation, Someya Bldg 4F, 3-1-8 Kitakashiwa, Kashiwa City, CHIBA-KEN, Japan, 277-0832

Tel: +81 4 7133 5433

Fax: +81 4 7134 9483

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If you are interested in representing our range of products and services, or the Teledyne Impulse range of electrical underwater connectors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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